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6 Emerging Technologies San Francisco Startups Are Talking About On Social Media

Having a finger on new technology trends has been more than just a hobby for San Francisco startups.

In San Francisco, top innovators never stop thinking and anticipating to create new products, services, or even types of industry. here are the top 6 emerging technologies and trends occupying the social media conversations of San Francisco start ups.

6 Emerging TechnologiesThe Race For Artificially Intelligent Personal Assistants: Startups are actually waiting for companies to build on the unique strengths of their AI devices.

Smart Homes And Connected Living Solutions: San Francisco’s startups are online watching the tech giants as they battle for the leading space as the ultimate connected home provider.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: Startups are looking to find ways to harness AR and VR to their advantage.

Everything On-Demand: Thousands of startup companies are finding ways to provide apps that will promote obtaining rides, food, and even a place to stay for the night via phone.

Level-3 Autonomous Vehicles Take Off: Today’s startups are flinging their arms wide open in anticipation of the launch of the first level-3 autonomous vehicle, and plenty of startups are anticipating ways to include them in their services as well.

Machine Learning: SF startups are keeping their eye on machine learning technologies in hopes that they will be able to better understand how they can use it to improve their businesses.

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