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Bay Area Investors Anticipate More Local Economic Growth This Year — Morgan Stanley Poll

Bay Area investors are bullish on the regional economy and plan to increase their holdings in local technology, biotech and pharmaceuticals companies, a survey released today found.

These investors are also more likely than those elsewhere in the country to let personal and political concerns about the environment or inequality drive some of their portfolio, a Morgan Stanley poll of households with more than $100,000 to invest found.

The poll found that 91 percent of so-called high net-worth investors believe that the San Francisco Bay Area economy will continue to gain strength in 2015. Most plan to increase their local holdings. That cycle of reinvestment could make the positive feelings about the economy a so-called virtuous cycle.

“The San Francisco area is on fire right now,” said George Noceti, a Morgan Stanley wealth adviser. “All one has to do is drive in the Silicon Valley or San Francisco and see all of the new buildings.

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Bay Area Investors Anticipate More Local Economic Growth