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Biotechnology Ranks No. 2 on Venture Capital List

In terms of individual metros and cities, San Francisco tops the list with $1.8 billion in investment (30.8 percent).

A new report from Martin Prosperity Institute shows venture capital is highly concentrated by industry.

Biotech Ranks No 2 on VC ListBiotechnology and Medical Devices & Equipment

Hauling in $5.7 billion a year, or 17.3 percent of total investment, biotechnology ranks number two in the report. Venture capital investment in the biotechnology industry is clustered in three broad regions: the San Francisco Bay Area, the Boston-New York-Washington, D.C. Corridor, and Southern California.

Including results from software, media and entertainment, and information technology services, San Francisco dominates the VC investment landscape, topping the list in four out of the five leading sectors (all except medical devices, in which the city is second). San Jose ranks in the top three in four different industries, while New York sits in the top three in three industries.

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