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Catering to Tech a Booming Business for Vendors, Brokers

Catering to Tech a Booming BusinessSan Francisco has a well-deserved reputation as a tech stronghold, and although common wisdom has it that tech companies hurt nearby restaurants by building in-house cafeterias, in fact the tech industry has been beneficial to the food industry because tech companies hire caterers to provide lunch. Brokers have benefited from tech as well, because they are being used to connect tech companies with the caterers that service them.

Far from being only hospitable to tech, the San Francisco business community contains an environment where different industries can support each other.

The steady stream of income coming from corporate catering has allowed cooks to expand farther and faster than they could have on their own.  Established restaurants have also seen the benefit of adding corporate catering. “Our food gets delivered to downtown offices where we have no physical presence,” said Anjan Mitra of Dosa. “We just felt like it was a revenue opportunity for us in the daytime.”

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