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Chamber Proposes New Rules for City Hall

Same-sex marriage, plastic bag bans and universal health care may not have originated in San Francisco, but the city’s efforts on those fronts thrust the topics into the national conversation and sometimes changed the law.

Boundary-pushing legislation and pro-labor policies have been two staples of contemporary San Francisco government, but now the city’s Chamber of Commerce is proposing efforts that could weaken both.

A plank in the business association’s recently released 21-point annual advocacy agenda calls for requiring the city attorney to issue a public opinion on the legality of all proposed ordinances, while another seeks to amend the City Charter to allow city services to be contracted out to small businesses and nonprofits unless a supermajority of the Board of Supervisors rejects the move.

Both proposals are in their early stages, and the chamber has yet to try lining up support on the board. Chamber officials say their efforts are measured, common-sense steps that will save taxpayers money.

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