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Clean Tech Synonymous with Local Job Growth in 2015

California reported nearly 2,000 new clean energy and clean transportation jobs in the first quarter of 2015, according to a report issued last month. Many of those opportunities are in the San Francisco Bay Area. Only Georgia showed stronger clean tech growth at 2,870 compared to California’s 1,885, the report said. Clean tech and clean transportation jobs not only include the typical opportunities associated with renewable energy technologies like solar and wind, but also many other areas such as electric motors, green tech chemistry, sustainable water management, and waste disposal technologies.

The state has set the stage with policy that will continue to usher in clean tech jobs growth. “With 55,000 people employed in [California’s] booming solar industry alone,” according to the U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index report, “a carbon market in place with its AB 32 trading scheme, and a 50 percent renewables goal by 2030 set by Governor Jerry Brown, California sets the pace for what a clean-energy economy looks like.” The solar industry has led to clean tech outpacing job growth in all other sectors by a factor of 10, according to yet another report on green innovation.

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Clean Tech Synonomous with Job Growth in 2015