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Demystifying the San Francisco Economy’s Little Known Catalyst

What do a $3 billion stem cell research headquarters, Consumer Report’s 2014 “Best U.S. Airline,” and the nation’s most attended solar exhibition all have in common? The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Virgin America, and Intersolar North America — and the millions of dollars in economic activity that they generate in this region — may very well have called other locales their home if it had not been for the “behind the scenes” efforts of the San Francisco Center for Economic Development (SFCED).

On the face of it, economic development may not be the most tantalizing of subjects, nor its complexities the most straightforward, but it is consistently credited with being among the most critical elements of a prosperous city — a characterization San Francisco can confidently claim of itself.

That’s why I’m shedding well-deserved light on the SFCED with the hope that, as we better understand its role and the value of the economic development it brings to the Bay Area, we continue to utilize this important resource to enhance our local economy even further.

Some quick background: The SFCED is a department within the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Foundation and exclusively focuses on helping businesses locate to and expand within the Bay Area. The SFCED works collaboratively with an array of organizations, including the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development, to pave the way for businesses to succeed in what we know to be  one of the world’s greatest cities.

According to SFCED Executive Director Dennis Conaghan, “Our team provides a one-stop shop to help businesses establish themselves and thrive in the San Francisco Bay Area.” Indeed, the SFCED confidentially provides free, comprehensive advice and fast-track information, expertise, contacts, and support, aiding businesses in location decisions and navigating governmental organizations and incentives.

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Deystifying the SF Little Known Catalyst