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Expats in SF & Boston Are the Most Optimistic About Entrepreneurial Opportunities

San Francisco is a vibrant place with lots of foreign involvement/input, which spurs innovation and growth, and people who live here feel confident. A geographic area with high international confidence and input has a big advantage for staying on the cutting edge of new innovations and technological developments. 

Expats located in San Francisco and Boston rank the United States at the top of the list for entrepreneurial opportunities, higher than any other U.S. city and across the world. The most recent HSBC Expat Explorer report found that around two-thirds of expats in San Francisco believe that the United States offers an ideal place to start a business, compared with 56% of expats nationwide. 37% of SF expat jobs are in the tech sector, compared with 10% globally.

With high approval ratings from its expatriates, San Francisco continues to maintain the reputation for progress and inventiveness it has earned.

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