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First Ever Robot-Powered Café in the U.S. Opens in San Francisco

The first ever coffee house to be entirely staffed by robots opened Monday in San Francisco’s Metreon shopping center, adding to the city’s list of technological and innovation milestones.

First Robotic Cafe in SF

Henry Hu has opened Café X, where an industrial robot performs a set of predefined motions in order to fill customers’ orders for coffee. The robot is able to prepare between 100 and 120 drinks per hour. Hu, age 23, says he got the idea when he was studying technology and entrepreneurship in college.

The opening of the first robotic coffee house in San Francisco showcases the spirit of innovation and technological progress that is prominent in this city, as well as the young and creative nature of San Francisco’s workforce—the first ever robotic coffee-house was created by a twenty-three-year old.


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