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GoSolarSF Incentive

To encourage more installations of solar power in San Francisco, the City is offering incentives to San Francisco residents and businesses to install solar power on their properties. One solar incentive is available per electric meter for business, residential and non-profit non-residential incentive applications. For non-profit residential incentive applicants, one solar incentive is available per service site.

New applications are now available: GoSolarSF application package.

Program changes for the 2012-2013 year:

Application form and submission

The new application form must be used.

Incentive maximum

The total amount of incentives (state CSI and GoSolarSF) may cover no more than 95% of the total project cost. The property owner/host customer must contribute a minimum of 5% of the total project funding. This does not apply to SASH (Single-family Affordable Solar Homes) program participants.


Low-income SASH:

SASH is the State’s CSI low-income program under which applicants may be eligible for a free system or a highly subsidized system. If eligible for the SASH program, the host customer/property owner must apply to SASH.

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