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GoSolarSF Incentive Funds Released This Week

San Francisco’s historic GoSolarSF program announced this week that it would begin releasing funds for qualified applicants for installation of solar electricity systems. Skytech Solar, a leading Bay Area solar solutions company, welcomed the news and urged people to take advantage of the generous incentives currently available.

“This is a win-win for everyone,” said Matthew Ventre, Director of Operations and Marketing at Skytech Solar in response to GoSolarSF’s announcement. “Residents, businesses, and non-profits are all eligible to apply for funding to install solar systems, in turn shrinking their electricity bills while diminishing the city’s carbon footprint and improving air quality. Skytech Solar, which is a GoSolarSF certified solar systems installer, is proud to be a part of this historic, citywide effort.”

As the advantages of solar energy become increasingly clear for consumers and governments alike, incentive programs have combined with high consumer demand to create a booming market for solar technology. Solar power savings vary, depending upon the size of the installed system and local energy rates, but the average household savings are as much as 50 percent. With GoSolarSF incentive payments offsetting the up-front costs of a solar system installation — up to 95 percent of the total project cost — San Francisco residents stand to reap even greater savings over time with their solar energy systems.

Applications are currently being accepted for individuals, businesses, and non-profits, with additional special allotments for low-income residents who qualify. To learn more about the application process and submit for GoSolarSF funds, go to http://www.skytechsolar.com/customers-community-go-solar-sf-program/go-solar-sf-program/.

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