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Incubators Help San Francisco Businesses Get Noticed

San Francisco is home to a variety of startups, angel investors, and venture capitalists, all interested in finding each other. These groups could spend years knocking on doors in the hopes of finding the right match, but time is an important commodity for any startup. New businesses need to be able to find a way to connect with others in the community as they strive to grow.

Because San Francisco is home to so many innovative young businesses, opportunities to help the startup community have flourished.  Entrepreneurs and investors alike are learning the value of incubators to help them meet their goals. These incubators go beyond simply connecting startups with investors, however. They also help San Francisco startups get noticed.

“One of the best things a startup can do is join an accelerator or incubator,” says John Boitnott, a longtime digital media consultant and startup advisor working in San Francisco. “Everywhere you look in one of these places there’s someone more experienced to learn from or an entrepreneur who is struggling with something that you might know about. It’s an ecosystem made for rapid growth.”

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