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S.F. Aims to Make City World Capital of the ‘Internet of Things’

SIGFOX Partners with San Francisco to Connect the City to SIGFOX’s Internet of Things Network

San Francisco to be the first city in the U.S. to receive SIGFOX’s seamless, cost-effective and energy-efficient Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity.

The City of San Francisco and SIGFOX today announced that they will partner to deploy a dedicated Internet of Things network that will provide low-cost, energy-efficient and two-way connectivity for smart-city programs, as well as businesses in multiple verticals. A growing phenomenon in numerous cities across the world, the IoT connects physical objects and allows them to communicate, analyze, and share their data through sensors, network connectivity and cloud software.

San Francisco is the first of 10 U.S. cities in which SIGFOX will deploy its network by Q1 2016. SIGFOX, whose technology is already FCC certified, is currently operating or being deployed in 10 European countries and registers over 5 million objects in its network. By providing a disruptively cost-effective, energy-efficient and simple way to connect the physical world to the Internet, SIGFOX enables the IoT industry to finally take off and connect large volumes of devices.

“The next wave in technology innovation in San Francisco will likely be the Internet of Things,” said Miguel A. Gamiño Jr., San Francisco’s chief information officer and executive director of the Department of Technology. “This new network reinforces San Francisco’s commitment to attracting startups and established companies in the emerging IoT space. It also allows the City to offer residents innovative new services and positions San Francisco as the leading smart city in the U.S.”

S.F. Aims to Make City World Capital of the ‘Internet of Things’

We’ve been hearing for awhile now that IoT – the ‘Internet of things’ – is poised to take over the world, but its real-world uses remain abstract for many. With a new program launching today, San Francisco and SigFox, a wireless infrastructure firm based in France, are trying to change that.

“Our vision is to make San Francisco the IoT capital of the world,” said Jay Nath, the city’s chief innovation officer.

That vision begins with approximately 20 antennas installed on the rooftops of public libraries across San Francisco. Those antennas – roughly the size of a briefcase and installed at no cost to the city – provide a blanket network for IoT development.

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