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San Francisco Has the Infrastructure to Support Sustainable Businesses

San Francisco’s CleanPowerSF program has made a leap towards its goal of providing cleaner energy to local businesses.

SF Has Infrastructure to Support Sustainable BusinessesThe CleanPowerSF program, headed by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, is San Francisco’s Community Choice Aggregation program which is a State program that enables cities and counties to team up with their investor-owned utility to provide cleaner energy to businesses and homes.

In San Francisco, the CleanPowerSF program, partnering with PG&E, creates energy derived from renewable resources. The program began enlisting businesses last year and provides tiers to choose from. The Green tier uses 40 percent renewable energy to provide power, while the SuperGreen tier uses 100 percent renewable energy to provide power. This week, local tech giant,  Salesforce.com Inc., announced it is using San Francisco’s clean energy program to power its 50 Fremont Center and 350 Mission St. offices.  Salesforce opted for the SuperGreen tier, greatly reducing its carbon emissions.

Salesforce’s adoption of the CleanPowerSF Program indicates that companies can still be greatly profitable while being 100 percent sustainable. Now that the CleanPowerSF program has demonstrated that San Francisco has the infrastructure to support sustainable businesses, officials are looking for other businesses to follow in Salesforce’s footsteps.

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