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San Francisco Homeless Population Down Since 2015

San Francisco’s most recent homeless survey estimates that the homeless population at 7,499 persons. This is fewer than the last count in 2015 of 7,539 persons, but more than 2013’s count of 7,350 persons.

Total Number of Homeless

The Tenderloin had the largest homeless population, with 3,655 persons. This figure is down from 2015, with 4,528 persons, but up from 2013, with 3,593 persons. The Sunset district had the lowest count, with 31 persons. This figure is up from 2015, with 7 homeless persons, but down from 2013, with 136. According to those who responded to the survey, the leading causes of homelessness are: job loss (22%), alcohol or drug problems (15%), family dispute (13%), eviction (12%), and divorce or breakups (10%).

Primary Cause of Homelessness

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