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San Francisco is the Safest City in the Nation

San Francisco is ranked as the top U.S. city – with a score of 83.55. Apart from digital security, the report indicates SF as the best performing U.S. city for the other three domains.

As cities generate growth, whether in size, population or wealth, the security challenges they face will also intensify. The Economist Intelligent Unit released the “2017 Safe Cities Index,” to determine which cities are best at keeping their residents safe.

The report ranks 60 cities across indicators covering the four aspects: digital security, health security, infrastructure security, and personal security to come up with an overall score of 100. Digital security assesses threats like data breach and cyber-attacks. Health security takes into account of health care access and emergency services. Infrastructure security considers cities with safe buildings, roads, and bridges. Personal security measures crime rates, terrorism, and other violence.

San Francisco is the safest city in the nation


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