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San Francisco Job Growth Continues To Steadily Climb

With 154,000 jobs added to the market since 2009, there are currently 703,230 jobs in the city as of 2016.

job-fair_gi_topAccording to The City’s “2016 Commerce and Industry Inventory” report: employment in San Francisco has continued to grow for the seventh consecutive year.

Since 2006, the city saw a 35% increase in business establishments. 45% of the 59,302 establishments were in the cultural, industrial, and educational sector. The second-highest category was office space, at 23% followed by retail space at 14%. Production, distribution and repair business establishments were at 8%.

At 42%, office work continues to dominate the types of employment in 2016, while cultural, industrial, educational jobs maintained at 24 percent. Production, distribution, repair jobs dropped to 13 percent. Along the notable employment changes was in construction jobs – the second fastest growing employment sector on San Francisco, 2016.

Workers in San Francisco also continued to earn more money in 2016 than in previous years, particularly in the office sector. Approximately 62% ($44.4B) of the total 71.5B is earned by office workers.

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