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San Francisco Named a Global Leader in Disruptive Innovation

A.T. Kearney, who has ranked the world’s most innovative cities since 2008, recently named San Francisco as the city with the greatest outlook “to attract and retain global capital, people, and ideas”.

Bay Area Leads the U.S. in Patents


Kearney citied San Francisco and the Bay Area/Silicon Valley area to offer the most attractive investment opportunities for a number of reasons. Its emphasis on technology, willingness to take risks, and supportive start up culture makes it the best place of innovation. As a whole, the Bay Area holds the most patents than any other American city and continues to lead in amount of venture capital going into the city (approximately 35-40% of all U.S. venture capital investments). These factors all contribute to San Francisco’s ability to produce new companies that disrupt and redefine entire industries and the definition of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Bay Area Captured Between 35% and 40% of U.S. VC

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