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San Francisco Parks Trounce 95 Other Cities in US Rankings

According to Trust for Public Land’s Parkscore rankings in 2016, San Francisco places fifth for best parks in the nation.  The graph shows the percentage of access to parks in the city by age and income with over 99% of San Franciscans living within a 10 minute walk of a park.

San Francisco has the fifth best public parks system in the country. That might not sound terribly impressive when you come out and say it, but considering that it puts us ahead of 95 other cities on the Trust For Public Land’s ParkScore rankings, and, presumably, ahead of the 2,907 other cities that didn’t even make the list, it’s pretty remarkable.

The rankings judge a city on what percentage of its acreage are park space, how well funded those parks are, and how accessible they are to the general public. That last one is San Francisco’s strong suit: Over 99 percent of San Franciscans live within a ten minute walk of a park.

In all, the city has 5,693 acres of parks, almost one-fifth of the terrain. Of course, nearly one fifth of that one fifth is just Golden Gate Park, which is three percent of the city all on its own.

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SF Parks Trounce 95 Other Cities