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San Francisco Population Continues to Grow and Reaches…

SF Population Continues to Grow 1






Source: Department of Finance, California


According to May’s report of California Department of Finance, San Francisco population grown by 1.08% (+9,905) in 2016, reaching 874,228 people. San Francisco remains the 4th city of California regarding the population.

This year marks the first time since 1991 that a net of over 50,000 multi-family housing units have been added to California’s housing stock. Los Angeles led the state with 15,992 multi-family units gained, followed by San Francisco (5,065), San Diego (3,986), and San Jose (2,666).

The San Francisco Bay Area population would stretch from 39,354,432 in 2016 to 45,807,050 in 2036 and 51,056,510 in 2060. Nonetheless, the Bay Area would remain around 20% of the total Californian population.


Projected population growth from 2010 to 2035 in % change:

SF Population Continues to Grow 2SF Population Continues to Grow 3







Source: Department of Finance, California

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