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San Francisco Ranks 5th for Citywide Walkability

SF Ranks 5th for Citywide WalkabilityEven as a large and bustling city, San Francisco ranks #5 in the country for walkability among the 30 urban metro’s analyzed in this recent report. The report utilizes data on 619 urban neighborhoods, then the connection with walkability factors such as economic development, educational attainment, and social equity.

“While walkable neighborhoods occupy only one percent of land mass across the 30 largest metros, they account for the majority of office and multi-family rental development, the report finds”

Urbanist scholars as far back as Jane Jacobs have extolled the benefits of walkable neighborhoods, though they have been notoriously hard to quantify. Now, a new report by Christopher Leinberger and Michael Rodriguez at The George Washington University School of Business takes a close look at the effects of walkable places on the wealth and equity of metros.

To do so, the report ranks walkability for America’s 30 largest metros using data on 619 walkable urban neighborhoods (based on their high walk scores and large concentrations of office and/or retail space). It then examines the connection between metro walkability and factors like economic development (based on GDP per capita), educational attainment (the share of adults with college degrees), and social equity (based on housing and transportation costs, as well as the number of jobs near a given residence).

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