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San Francisco Ranks High Among 2017’s Hardest-Working Cities in US

Comparing various metrics, San Francisco is the 7th hardest-working city from across the nation’s 116 largest cities.

SF Ranks HIgh Among 2017 Hardest Working Cities

In WalletHub’s recent research, San Francisco is one of the Top 10 hardest-working cities in 2017. Evaluating average weekly work hours, labor-force participation rate, average commute time and average leisure time per day, San Francisco received a total score of 77.82 and ranked in 7th place. In 1st is Anchorage, Alaska with a score of 90.76. San Francisco represented the strong work ethics in the “average workweek hours” metric and “labor-force participation rate” metric. The city has contributed much to building the world’s biggest economy.

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