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San Francisco Tops List Of Places To Stay Fit

Hidden staircases. Surf beaches. Bike trails. Hilltops.

If you’re looking to stay fit, it’s safe to say San Francisco is the ideal place to live. Not only is our jagged landscape perfect for breaking a sweat (especially when rewarded with a gorgeous view), but the 60-degree climate and abundance of organic food options make a healthy lifestyle almost inevitable.

Real estate site Trulia agrees, ranking the Fog City the number one city to live in if you want to lose weight. Trulia insiders measured a variety of factors, from an availability of workout programs to average commuting time, in order to determine which areas of the country were friendliest to weight loss.

Trulia’s researchers found that aside from San Francisco, the majority of its top-ranked cities were located in the Northeast and boasted expensive real estate (that personal trainer and Bar Method studio come with a price tag, people). Jed Kolko, the company’s chief economist, was quick to point out that the study didn’t factor in the actual weight of an area’s residents.

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