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San Francisco Tops U.S. List for Projected 2015 Salary Increases

Employers in the San Francisco metropolitan area  continue to outpace employers in other U.S. cities in the percentage increases they  are budgeting for 2015 salaries, according to the “WorldatWork  2014-2015 Salary Budget Survey.” U.S. employers in mining and four other industries also are  budgeting bigger increases than the national average for 2015, the survey  shows.

The variations in salary budgets by city and industry show  up in WorldatWork’s 41st annual survey, which is the largest survey of  its kind.  This year’s data was compiled  from nearly 5,252 responses from members working in the HR, compensation and  benefits departments of employers in 17 countries.

“The survey’s primary purpose is to provide those who are  tasked with making recommendations and decisions for their salary budget  increases with the data they need to make sure they stay competitive,” said Alison Avalos, CCP, CBP, GRP, manager of research management and community  operations at WorldatWork.

San Francisco, Houston and Los Angeles also saw salary  increases above the national average in each of the past two years, Avalos  said, but the gap is closing. Only San Francisco employers expect to top the  average in 2015.

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