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San Francisco’s City Core Outpaces Suburban Job Growth

San Francisco’s job growth in its city core has outpaced its suburban surroundings, reflecting a larger trend towards urban revitalization across the country, according to a report from City Observatory released Tuesday.

Between 2007 and 2011, San Francisco’s city core, defined as the area within three miles of its central business district, had job growth at an average of 1.7 percent per year. The city’s outlying metropolitan area lost jobs at 0.3 percent per year during the same time period, according to U.S. Census data analyzed by Portland-based think tank City Observatory.

“People are moving back to the centers of American cities like San Francisco, and jobs are coming with them,” said Joe Cortright, founding director of City Observatory, in a statement. “Our analysis revealed tangible evidence that the 50-year tide of employment decentralization, which had been flowing outwards from city centers, has ebbed, and may now be reversing.”

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SF's City Core Outpaces Suburban Job Growth