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San Francisco’s Lee Sells Manufacturing Jobs in Technology Haven

San Francisco, a city overrun with artisanal coffee shops, Michelin-starred restaurants and affluent techies on bicycles, is looking to make space for people who work with their hands.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, who three years ago committed to boosting manufacturing jobs for workers without four-year college degrees, won Planning Commission approval for a project in the eastern neighborhoods of Mission Bay and Potrero Hill to include more than 140,000 square feet of industrial space.

“Our priority needs to be ensuring that San Francisco remains a city for everyone,” Lee, 62, said in a statement. “When we are seeing our middle class shrink across the country, San Francisco remains focused on supporting these jobs for the benefit of low- and middle-income families.”

California’s fourth-largest city, a blue-collar center for shipping and canning before World War II, is reviving that history to offset income inequality. The growth is part of a national upswing of manufacturing in U.S. cities in the past four years as consumers demand customized products, fewer jobs flow overseas, and technological advances allow for producing smaller quantities in tighter space.

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SF's Lee Sells Mfg Jobs in Technology Haven