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SF Looks to Reduce Thefts While Boosting Transit Alternative

Ample secure parking for bicycles is considered a key component to increasing trips made by bike and decreasing thefts, although the existing inventory does not meet San Francisco’s transit goals.

But the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is improving its inventory with the help of a $70,000 grant from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

For a total of $117,870, the agency plans to install 28 BikeLink electronic lockers in four SFMTA-owned parking garages. They will replace old lockers that appear to be in dire straits.

“Currently, there are 52 bicycle lockers located in SFMTA owned parking garages, but they are traditional lock and key lockers, and many are broken and misused,” said a report by city budget analyst Harvey Rose.

The lockers are accessed and paid for using a special card, which functions like a credit card. The card opens the locker. Each locker is expected to be able to store between five and seven bicycles.

“The provision of secure long-term bicycle parking is a key strategy for supporting and promoting bicycle transportation in The City, as well as reducing motor vehicle emissions by providing trip reducing transportation alternatives that would result in a reduction of vehicle miles traveled,” the report said.

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SF Looks to Reduce Thefts