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Software Engineer Isn’t the Bay Area’s Most Sought-After Job: This Is

Amid the booming tech sector, logic dictates that the fastest-growing Bay Area job listings would be for software engineers – right?

Not necessarily – at least according to a new report from SimplyHired, which tracks job postings across various U.S. metro areas.

With a 6.78 percent total increase in 2015, job growth in the Bay Area remains among the strongest in the country. But the majority of those aren’t in the tech sector, according to the report: They’re in health care, with physician’s assistants topping the list of most-listed positions, followed by patient representatives, medical assistants, mental health therapists and speech pathologists.

By contrast, software developers came in 10th on the list, behind office managers (No. 9) and bank tellers (No. 5).

Although proprietary, the SimplyHired data is consistent with government projections which indicate a growing demand nationwide for care personal care aides and other medical technicians according to the Department of Labor.

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Software engineer isn't the Bay Area's most sought-after job this is