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Swanky San Francisco Bus System Serving Marina Commuters Breakfast On Board

A new public transit system described as a hybrid between a Muni bus and an Uber taxi is launching its first route in San Francisco Wednesday.

Private transit company Leap’s buses feel more like a cozy cafe rather than a city bus, with wood panel facades, work stations and attendants on board to serve riders Blue Bottle coffee and Noosa yogurt for an additional fee.

CEO and founder Kyle Kirchhoff said the redesigned transit concept can help commuters start the day feeling relaxed instead of stressed out and anxious.

“Although San Franciscans have more options for getting to work than ever before, the headaches remain,” Kirchhoff said. “During peak hours it can be difficult to find a seat on public transit, and private car services are expensive and increasingly unpredictable.”

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Swanky SF Bus System