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Tech Boom Lures the World Economic Forum

San Francisco’s tech sector prowess is well known within the United States, but its thriving technological culture has also made it a subject of international interest. The World Economic Forum, a Swiss nonprofit organization, will be opening a satellite office in San Francisco in February 2017.

The World Economic Forum, the host of the annual gathering of political and economic leaders in Davos, Switzerland, is planting a flag in San Francisco, as the area’s technology industry grows in prominence on the global stage. The office, which will be called the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, will have sixty staffers who will solicit policy recommendations on technologies. The World Economic Forum chose to open an office in San Francisco because of the Bay Area’s reputation for explosive growth in technology, with a member of its managing board saying they wanted to be close to SF so they could “touch and feel” new developments in technology.

World Economic ForumThe World Economic Forum’s choice of San Francisco shows that not only is SF a tech epicenter domestically, it plays an important role on the international business stage as well.

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