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The Diverging Economies of L.A. and San Francisco

While LA’s and SF’s economy are rather similar, San Francisco has managed to capture key industries like information technology and biotechnology. Leadership structure and styles are also widely different in both cities. In San Francisco, different technology communities were able to come together to transform the existing communications industry to a more user-friendly IT industry. The various networks of leaders in the city were able to create a leadership structure that brought together the key organization in the region, Bay Area Council, that facilitated discussions on how the Bay Area has changed to a more skill and technology-based economy. 

L.A. and San Francisco are two of America’s leading urban economies. The Bay Area is the world’s leading center for startups and new technologies, and the home of companies like Intel, Apple, Genentech, Google, Twitter, and Uber, while L.A. is the center of film, entertainment, and pop culture. But when it comes to income, wages, and other key metrics for economic development, San Francisco has done far better than L.A. over the past several decades.

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Diverging Economies of L.A. and S.F.