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These Cities Have the Highest Startup Growth in the U.S

The latest entrepreneurship study suggests that there is positive and increasing start up growth for the US economy again. The report indicates that San Francisco has stayed “relatively stable” compared to its 2015 ranking; this is good news especially for VC investors who have showed some caution when deploying their capital in recent times. This study confirms that investing in San Francisco should be seen as a “safe bet” compared to cities such as Cincinnati and Pittsburgh who have fluctuated more rapidly in their rankings from 2015-2016.

The latest entrepreneurship study has some good news for the U.S. economy: startup growth is healthier than it’s been in years.

Each year, the Kauffman Index study measures entrepreneurship growth in 40 cities nationwide. The study is focused on output rather than input, which means it’s looking at factors like business density, new companies, and growth rates. The study also measures entrepreneurship at the national, state, and metropolitan level.

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