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Top 3 Cleantech Trends for 2013

Future360.tv attended the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco to find out what’s next for clean technology.

Trend #1: Cleanweb. Cleanweb brings together mobile, social, big data, and cheap sensors to change the way we do business as well as provide powerful tools to attack resource problems. Cleanweb also brings cleantech into people’s homes making this technology more approachable to consumers. Mosaic, Sunfunder, wattTime and Yerdle were some of the cleanweb companies in attendance.

Trend #2: Consumer savings. While the maturing of the cleantech industry has resulted in many company failures, the result has been cheaper, cleaner more convenient products for consumers — rooftop solar being a prime example.

Trend #3: Corporations. Corporations are the bright spot in the cleantech ecosystem. Corporations are both providing venture capital and forming strategic partnerships with companies to help bring about system change and a clean energy future.

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