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What Makes San Francisco So Unique in Tech and Commerce?

Creative technology, rather than the routers, switches and other hardware that have for years defined the Bay Area, is now at the heart of San Francisco’s tech revival.

That’s according to Milken Institute Chief Research Officer Ross DeVol.

“It’s the content that you put through the pipes, and the creativity that occurs when you have people in a dense, urban area,” DeVol told Bloomberg West.

He did a video interview on the topic of what makes San Francisco unique in tech and commerce. “Once you start adding additional mixes into the technology base, you find this cross-fertilization starts to occur,” he said. “There’s no magic formula — it’s hard to predict when and where it’s going to happen — but you get kind of a tipping point, a critical mass where it starts to build on itself. And San Francisco has done that — especially over the last five years. It’s remarkable.”

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What Makes SF So Unique