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Women Entrepreneurs Achieving Great Success in SF Bay Area

Though there are many conversations all over the world on enhancing economic empowerment for women, there is one particular location that is raising more awareness than most — the San Francisco Bay Area.

Breaking Gender Stereotypes

According to the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation StartUp Activity Index, which “measures the percent of the adult population of an area that became entrepreneurs in a given month,” San Francisco went from ranking No. 9 in 2015 to now ranking No. 4 in 2016. A second report from the foundation that “measures small business activity for the forty largest metropolitan areas of the United States,” showed that San Francisco has one of the highest rates of female business owners within metro areas. Not only do these reports show that San Francisco is a profound place to start a new small business, but it also shows that there’s opportunity for women entrepreneurs as well.

By developing a community with strong, like-minded, women entrepreneurs, the San Francisco Bay area has been fostering new innovations and ideas for women to become small business owners. Here is a list of groups that are coming up with strategies to push women into more successful leadership roles.

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